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2023 Renewal Give Back $5.4 Million to Members

30 Years Strong - Over $61 Million Returned Since 1993

Congratulations Michigan Horticulture Industries Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Fund Members!  The Fund is pleased to announce a profit distribution of $5,455,000 to be returned to members!  It’s the largest amount returned back and represents an average return equal to 46% of a member’s annual premium.  As a member-owned program, all premium collected that’s not used for claims and administrative expenses is returned back to members.  Since its inception in 1993, the total profits returned are over $61,116,173.

The MHI Fund has several distinct advantages over most standard insurance carriers.  The Fund’s excellent performance has insulated its members from the turbulence of the traditional insurance marketplace. From substantial profit returns to aggressive claims handling, the Fund is the most cost-effective workers’ compensation option for its members year after year.  Most importantly, members receive stable yet competitive upfront pricing.  This competitive pricing, along with the selective approach to underwriting new members, is how the Fund is designed to save members money on the total cost of workers’ compensation over the long term.

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